And how do we do this?

As all business owners, one’s first thought as eyes open on the morning of January 1st is somewhat substantial, and sounds a bit unnerving; “what is a lofty goal I can initiate for my company in this New Year?”

First off, an evaluation of what worked, what sucked, and ironically-who was involved  in a highlighted snippet comes forth.  Evolving overhead in a comic bubble appears faces, places, both positive and negative of the year gone past.  “What needs to be invested in we say!”  “Whom can I give back to!”  “What trials and tribulations will become of this new year!”  In a Mad Hatter dénouement, it transforms amidst with some ink and pulp.  On the last page of every scribble, superiorly stupid but dumbfounding, one finds the answer.  Journaling is a thing of the past for many, and merely a forgotten mechanism that we’ve leaned on substantially in our creative business planning sessions.  Thoughts of  journaling is actually very different than putting the old school pen to paper my friends!

“The answer is unfortunately not blowing in the wind”

*note to author=Mixing French, a 70s song, and frankness of perspective can only happen when Journaling~~~~~

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