Brand Ambassadors for Event Staffing

Midwest Promotional Marketing, LLC , also known as MPM, is proud of our Midwest reputation. Our local Brand Ambassador teams in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois will provide you with superior event staffing. MPM Brand Ambassadors focus on intercepting the local consumers with your brands, and they not shy in doing so.

With over 15 years of experience in consumer intercept programs, convention staffing, brand tasting programs and high profile, high energy models, our agency is recognized for providing professional quality staffing for a variety of events and venues.

Utilizing MPM’s internal, customized pre-event and post-event procedures, we guarantee that your events and programs will be successfully executed that will exceed your expectations.

Not only are our potential Brand Ambassadors connected to us initially with a one-on-one interview, they are also debriefed thoroughly with MPM required expectations and contractual documents. Our next level of connecting these cherished teams is by offering a detailed immersion training that all of our
MPM Ambassadors experience.

Let us take the lead in being the face to your brands so that you can focus on your local sales programs and account relationships. MPM will bring to the table some very memorable experiences with your targeted consumers. Whether you are building or managing a brand, MPM Ambassadors will help pull your brands through to the ultimate consumer.

Why MPM?
We are Engagement marketing sometimes called “experiential marketing,” “event marketing,” “on-ground marketing,” “live marketing,” “participation marketing,“ “special events”

  • Works with marketing strategy, directly engaging consumers to participate in the evolution of a brand or a brand experience.
  • Rather than looking at consumers as passive receivers of messages, engagement marketers believe that consumers should be actively involved
  • We believe in the production and co-creation of marketing programs, developing a relationship with the brand.