If you are reading this blog, chances are you have encountered, executed, or possibly had some form of interest or activation in a tasting event where a liquor debut was the key-focus.


If yes, then you know the skeletal foundation.  A “promo” person shows up to an account with branded attire, cups in tow.  They set up their appointed area, check in with the general manager on site and organize their area to coincide with their event needs.  Once they are set, they begin by greeting the customers and offering their “sampling” of brand in promotion.  At the end, they tally up their sales/feedback notes, and depart from the store.

Seems empty?  Yes, because it is!  It actually made me feel lonely just blogging it?!  Where is the emotion, the connection?  Where is the feeling of “need” or “engagement” to this time-span?  I’ll tell you where you can find it:

First off, the language buzz words “promo & sampling” are lonely.  Conforming to the emotion of transporting to a Tasting event (much more eloquent) vs. sampling already makes one click their heels.  Why?  Consumers “Sample” at the grocery store.  Nothing wrong with the samplers at the grocery store-I’m simply pointing out the fact that liquor tastings are hitting a completely different consumer.  This generalized consumer actually sashay’s into a liquor store or bar with their individual uniqueness.  They are on a mission, primarily a social one.  These party goer’s are quick, extroverted, and experienced within our industry.  Here is where the emotion comes in!  “You have 3-seconds to make an impression” and it better be a good one for the halt of these speed walkers.  They will stop for a tasting, but not necessarily for a sample.  (Maybe there is some cheese in the clear bubble they can sample? SNAP)

Many can have a product in their hand and feel that they can promote, but a key-member will skillfully identify what emotions are used in correlation with the marketing/product/location.  Identify+engage+educate=connect-  This goes beyond the tasting cups being the primary concern of the day!

Organizational and consumer awareness are ignited when working with MPM suppliers portfolios, not only for optimizing our development, but also for exposure and performance within the key account-in that space-in that time.  I’d go to an event any day, but a promo?  (Imagine, you may need your coupon book with the promo code? SCAN)

Signing off-“thinking outside the box”

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