Event Branding/Makes sense

Minnesota is known for producing some very fun events. It is admirable to see some of our local and national charities receive the recognition of local attendees visiting our most cherished venues. From Union Depot in St. Paul, to the new Blu at Radisson in Bloomington/Mall of America, this year has produced some very tasty and entertaining events. Each event is strategically customized to fit the attendee’s pallet, with also including some form of beverage sponsorship. These marketing formats can be quite costly to the suppliers; however they produce a tangible impact. Typically, when you attend these events, you witness a tier of marketing strategies taking place. The format g takes precedence in where the bar area features a customized cocktail or a “fitting” malt beverage that has a correlation to the theme, etc. In essence, the attendees are then immersed in the brand’s atmosphere. There is an instant visual connection, a sensory experience (taste/smell) followed by a logged note within the memory bank. “I love this brand”
A rhetorical question is “does being part of these events really grow the brand?” We’ve had opportunity in witnessing the profitable dynamics of sponsorship. Sipping on a “Mule” at a recent event, an attendee conversed that the bottles on the bar featuring a well-known vodka was a stapled purchase in her previous liquor shopping days. The conversation was leveraged around the Minnesota marketplace, and how her entertaining needs continued to dabble in a variety of vodka purchases for recipe creation. The interesting fact to this is that the “brand” that was being featured at this benefit (and brand that put forth the effort and expense) was reaping some big kudos. As the group of ladies continued to converse, they took their group over to the bar to be photographed with the bottle back ground so that they could then partake in posting into social media. In retrospect, the trickle effect also brought forth attendees that recognized the fact that this “Brand” was also compassionate enough to contribute to their most favorite cause. This is when building a relationship with consumer’s offers a lifelong loyalty to the brand. Yes, I see the cost commitment is a burden, but hey, I’m still buying Fancy Pants wine (from having it introduced to me at Basilica Block Party), as it brings back a fun summer memory-I would have never even tasted it if they did not go forth and support one of my most compassionate local charity events last summer! I also have sold the wine to many friends just from giving it as a gift and serving it at my personal events. WHOA! It makes sense to get your brand in at local functions with local decision makers; it is a decision that makes sense.

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