Does it make your day when someone sends you an email, note or phone call thanking you for a job well done? I don’t know about you, but it makes my day. Unfortunately, this is not a common practice. It is simply a faux pas amongst our current industry, especially when you are in a fast pace sales arena. Notably, many are complacent when it comes to a simple thank you. They assume that you are being compensated, and it is your job to complete the task at hand.
As former Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter put it, “Gratitude is one of the least articulate of the emotions, especially when it is deep.” I agree with Frankfurter on one level, but suggest you put gratitude at the forefront if you want to grow your personal brand or service.
Our culture is so inclined to shoot off emails amongst the other 5-drafts sitting in our out box along with the 5-tab internet tasks we tend to actually manipulate all within a 5 minute window. Who ever thought to “Pick up the Phone” or put a “Pen to Paper” for the mere sake of acknowledging a job well done? Honing in on the recipient with a base of focused gratitude is proven to retain employees, sustain vendors and most importantly, puts you ahead of your competition in building good will.
Think about it. This awareness of what hard work truly is, and our Members that we work so closely with deserve have inspired me to acknowledge their dedication. Gratitude does matter; it will serve you well whether you are on top of the world or in a place of stopping and recognizing the spirit of true effort.

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