Minnesota Women in Marketing and Communications Blog – By Michele Rogers, MWMC VP of Programming 2017-2018

Intuition is an essential Leadership tool.
Part of my role as an owner of a staffing company is conducting interviews with potential candidates to work with our Experiential Staffing Firm. During these interviews, I seem to intuitively identify several individuals that possess some form of leadership traits such as confidence, charisma and social savvy, just to name a few. While owning and managing a business requires solid leadership skills, being a successful entrepreneur goes beyond basic leadership practice. Entrepreneurs must create something from nothing. They must lead people into the unknown and instill structure where there is little or none.
Connect, then lead.
Leadership is influence. If you are a parent, volunteer, employee or sibling, chances are that you have influence. Volunteers for instance should exhibit innate leadership skills. Many of us have most likely participated or lead volunteer organizations or activities. Volunteering in my second term as VP of Programming at MWMC has afforded me the opportunity to elevate my leadership skills and build new, professional relationships. One of my quests is acquiring speakers that will inspire us and elevate our leadership in our professional and personal lives. I owe MWMC a thank you for offering these opportunities to me, as it has guided me to step outside the box and connect with some of the most inspiring, talented and driven women in business.
I personally feel that being a good “reader” of your surroundings is key to Leadership.
Reacting professionally in each situation earns the respect of others. Equally important is respecting the work styles of others; not all of your clients/employees/contractors are alike! Compassion and respect are also key, as many leaders have experienced betrayal, confrontation and repercussion of others failures, which reflects on them personally as a leader.
Sometimes, leadership is not a choice we make.
Qualities of a leader transpire after one has had to take on some form of responsibility. Once you conquer and succeed, leadership follows. This can come at an early age, or simply from application as a student, or dedicated employee. I know many great leaders that were put into roles without pursuing leadership positions. It is interesting to note this, because many times you can be a great leader and not necessarily see it! The growth and development of people is the highest calling of Leadership. I hope to see all of you at our luncheon tomorrow as we discuss our topic Leadership Lessons during our Peer to Peer roundtable event at Psycho Suzie’s. Register today at www.mnwc.org

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