Why the great Summer of 2013?


As we enter the 9th year of agency, I feel almost like a survivor of a large title wave!  The summer programs were swiftly arranged as we stepped into our Minnesota season, amongst the beauty and serene settings of our local brands we adorn.  It was pleasant to witness patio goers tasting our teams best, and then diving into their purchases as the sunny day progressed.  There was also the most memorable evening of being washed away by the rainstorm as we ran our PBR evening on the Minnetonka patios.  But nonetheless, it was an astounding and memorable season.

Let’s address the “Why”!

Yes, 9th year as this August of 2013!  9-years did not prepare an area of MPM that I could not teach, nor could I muster up the courage to ever re-live it.  I’m guessing we’ve been through hundreds if not thousands of freelancers that have visited our promotional gulf with offerings of every type of scenario , both positive and negative in industry.  My conclusion is that we finally are operating under some of the best Members that an agency can ask for. (whew, surely learned the “type”)  Bare witness to conclusion is in the example that these trained teams treat our accounts, suppliers and subordinates.  When you see a united event team undergoing the dog days of summer with a smile and a befriending attitude-plus pass with flying colors on knowledge, you experience a deep, compassionate level of trust and gratification to your members.  The fascinating thing: even though most everyone shakes their head in agreement on this, they get stuck answering the question, “how have you regularly performed and prioritized being the most trustworthy agency/member in your industry?” Being just like the others and doing your job doesn’t get you to this level. But when you actually begin to receive phone calls and emails on outstanding compliments, you begin to wonder what we have conquered!  Congrats MPM Members, Congrats to the best season on record………..”and you know who you are”

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